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Staying up to date on the issues that affect your funeral home and the families you serve is vital to your success. Legislation can have an impact on how you run your business, how you serve your families and, ultimately, even your bottom line. It can be challenging, however, to keep up with the changing political landscape, especially when your priority as a funeral service professional is to ensure your families receive the care and attention they deserve. Still, it is important that you don't lose sight of the issues that could and do impact your business. With national representation in Washington, D.C. and the grassroots activities of  you and your colleagues across the country, NFDA's Advocacy division is your leading funeral service advocate, proactively working to ensure that the nation's lawmakers understand funeral directors' positions on the issues that matter.

NFDA's Advocacy division works on your behalf every day to ensure your voice is heard in Washington, D.C. Visit the Advocacy area in NFDA Central and speak with the Advocacy team in person. Learn more about how they're fighting for your rights and how you can take action and get involved!

Recent NFDA Legislative Victories in Washington, D.C.

On Sunday, December 30, 2012, the House passed by voice vote the "Dignified Burial and Other Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2012." Read the full update here.

In the bill H.R. 8, the "Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012," Congress has agreed to make permanent the current estate tax law except for raising the tax rate from 35% to 40% for amounts that exceed the exclusion limit of $5 million for an individual and $10 million for a couple. Read the full update here.




"Funeral service must have a voice in Washington D.C. to represent our profession; as a small business owner, I know that NFDA will educate lawmakers to help keep our profession going strong."

Leif Larsen, Green-Larsen Mortuary, Inc.
International Falls, Minnesota
NFDA member: 14 years