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Workshops - Wednesday, October 23

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Austin. Handouts are available here.

8 – 9 a.m.

Battling Burnout: Management Techniques for Caregivers
John D. Canine, Ph.D., Maximum Living Consultants Inc., Clarkston, MI

Burnout is a debilitating psychological condition brought on by unrelieved work stress that can result in depleted energy, lowered resistance to illness, job dissatisfaction, pessimism, increased absenteeism and inefficiency at work. Caregivers are all too prone to experience burnout. Canine will help you understand what burnout means and explain how to recognize the stages and areas of this psychological condition. He will also discuss ways to help manage burnout and overcome its potentially debilitating effects. (1 CE hour)

"Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!" Shipping Cremated Remains Domestically and Worldwide
Corey Eggers, NFDA, Brookfield, WI

Many issues and errors have arisen with the U.S. Postal Service in recent years regarding the shipment of cremated remains. This workshop will share and clarify the USPS cremated remains shipping policy, provide alternatives for the shipment and transportation of cremated remains and discuss various rules and regulations of the countries to which American funeral directors are shipping the most created remains. (1 CE hour)

30 Questions About the 30-Year-Old Funeral Rule
T. Scott Gilligan, Gilligan Law Offices, Cincinnati, Ohio

The FTC Funeral Rule is about to celebrate its 30th birthday, yet we still struggle with what it allows and prohibits. Test your knowledge on Funeral Rule compliance and hear about offerings you can provide and options you can use to be more competitive and increase revenue. Learn about offerings and price list strategies allowed by the Funeral Rule, some of which funeral homes may be unaware or mistakenly believe the Funeral Rule prohibits. You will better understand the rule, hear about different service and pricing options and find ways to add revenue-producing options and offerings to your GPL. (1 CE hour)

Cremation Basics: Staff Attitudes Drive Success [This workshop has been moved to Tuesday, 11:15AM]
Michael Nicodemus, CFSP, Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home & Crematory, Norfolk, VA

Planning a Graceful Exit From Your Business: Life After Funeral Service
Harold F. Grubbs, RFC, AIFA Financial Management Inc., Little Rock, AR; NFDA Endorsed Vendor DSRP

Funeral service professionals, like most other small-business owners, need to be prepared to make good decisions in planning for their retirement. This interactive session poses the big questions you can't avoid answering prior to making retirement plans and the vital role of your business in those plans. Many other important business and personal considerations will also be explored in a frank and transparent discussion format to help you make the right decisions for a graceful transition from operating your business day to day to a financially well-planned life after funeral service. (1 CE hour)

Transforming Loss: An Intimate Look Into the Process of Grief and Healing
Judith R. Burdick, MA, LLP, Bloomfield, Michigan

The documentary film Transforming Loss follows six families through the grief process and examines their journey of love, faith and perseverance. Feel their heart-wrenching losses and cheer their transformations. Documentary filmmaker Judith Burdick offers an intimate look into the window of loss and grief and the transformation for good and purposeful living that occurs. Burdick is a highly regarded psychotherapist who suffered her own tragic loss more than two decades ago. Experience this film and be inspired! (1 CE hour)