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Workshops - Tuesday, October 22

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Austin. Handouts are available here.

7:30 – 9:30 a.m.

How the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association and Its Members Faced the Challenges of Newtown
John F. Cascio, CFDA Executive Director
Pasquale S. Folino, CFSP, 2012-13 CFDA President
Laura R. Soll, CFDA Media and Public Relations

Learn from leaders of the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association about how CFDA's rapid response to the Newtown tragedy was possible. Cascio, Soll and Folino will explain how more than 160 Connecticut funeral directors were able to successfully work together to support each other and their peers because they were prepared in advance. They'll share the human side of their experiences and describe how they managed worldwide media. (2 CE hours)

Inspiring Consumers to Have the Talk of a Lifetime: A New Grassroots Public Education Campaign
Rob Rosenberg, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, Arlington Heights, Illinois
James Forr, Olson Zaltman Associates, Columbia, Missouri

Learn about the national public education campaign for members of the Funeral and Memorial Information Council and the groundbreaking Have the Talk of a Lifetime initiative. Funeral service professionals who want to educate and inspire consumers about the value and importance of funerals and memorialization will gain an understanding of the brand strategy, learn how to educate and inspire others in the field and be inspired to educate consumers to have the "talk of a lifetime" with loved ones. (2 CE hours)

Playing "What If": Exploring Options That Will Revitalize Your Business
Doug Gober, Live Oak Bank, Wilmington, North Carolina

Planning for the future of your business is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Now it's a matter of playing "what if" with different scenarios to see what will produce the best results. "What if I open a discount outlet?" "What if I add a reception center?" "What if I change my pricing?" "What if I buy a competitor?" Learn how and when to play "what if" with your business with some simple, free tools that make it easy to get the answers and understand them. Gober will explain the use of pro forma projections to make decisions about the future. Improving the quality of your "what if" decisions will improve profitability. (2 CE hours)

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Finance Options That Work for Your Families
Debra Venner and Heather Philip, The HELPcard, Springdale, Arkansas; NFDA Endorsed Vendor

There are effective at-need options to ensure payment at time of service to increase immediate cash flow, and they can be hugely beneficial to your funeral home business. Venner and Philip will explain the critical importance to your bottom line in today's economy of having successfully written financial policies. They'll present time-tested ways to overcome the "price is too high" objection through payment plans and other successful options and will compare different types of third-party financing companies and information about how to get out of being the family's banker, including a discussion of the risk of in-house billing. (1 CE hour)

Current Perspectives on Grief and Bereavement for Funeral Service Professionals
Barbara Bouton, Vice President of Professional Development/Mary J. Labyak Institute, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Alexandria, Virginia

Funeral service professionals work with the dying and their families when everything they have known and expected has been turned upside down. Funeral service professionals must be current in their knowledge of grief and bereavement to best communicate, understand and support family members. This session will explore new understandings about grief, bereavement and complicated grief and will include discussion about how funeral service professionals can apply the information to practice. (1 CE hour)

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

The Tri-State Crematory Incident: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned
Frederick Snow, Ph.D., Forensic Anthropology Consulting Services Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee

Find out how 334 bodies were recovered at the Tri-State Crematory. The presentation describes how the recovery efforts were initiated, how the dead were identified and the liability of funeral homes. Snow will explain the necessity of practicing due diligence when contracting with third-party crematories. Learn the importance of dealing with reputable crematory operators, using funeral home personnel to transport the remains to the crematory and making periodic, unannounced inspections of the crematory. (1 CE hour)

30 Questions About the 30-Year-Old Funeral Rule [This workshop has been moved to Wednesday, 8AM]
T. Scott Gilligan, Gilligan Law Offices, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cremation Basics: Staff Attitudes Drive Success
Michael Nicodemus, CFSP, Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home & Crematory, Norfolk, VA

It's not all about marketing – it's about your staff. If they're not happy and excited about cremation arrangement options for the families your firm serves, the hottest branding campaign or marketing plan will not increase cremation customer satisfaction or your bottom line. Nicodemus, nationally known cremation expert, explains how to give staff the incentives and arrangement tools they need to really make a difference. Sometimes taking care of your staff is the most important way to take care of your business. (1 CE hour)

The Art of Cremation Phone Inquiries: 3 Steps to Better Client Decisions
Lacy Robinson, CFSP, Aurora Casket Company, Aurora, Indiana

Learn about a new consultative approach to cremation phone inquiries. Get the tools you need to ensure that everyone on your staff consistently conveys a professional and value-focused image when communicating with families. Suggested dialogue for licensed funeral directors and administrative assistants, as well as appropriate responses to closed-ended statements made by families, will be supplied. You will leave with a simple, three-step process that can effectively transform an inquiry into a valuable cremation discussion. (1 CE hour)

Distracted Driving and Your Business: A Community Plan for Saving Lives
Jack West, Federated Insurance Company, Owatonna, Minnesota; NFDA Endorsed Vendor

More than 450,000 people are injured or killed in distraction-related motor vehicle crashes annually. Employee driving practices may be putting your business – and your community – at risk, so you need to send a clear message to employees about safe driving practices. Federated's national distracted driving safety program, "In the Blink of an Eye," uncovers the avoidable dangers associated with distracted driving. Learn how your firm can address the problem and how to reduce claims and the related costs of distracted driving. West will outline a practical safety plan for your funeral home anchored by a written driving policy. (1 CE hour)

Advanced Techniques for Reconstruction of Crushing Head Trauma Cases
Glyn M. Tallon, CFSP, Tallon Mortuary Specialists, Ireland City, Ireland

This session is a highly technical exploration of reconstructive surgery and embalming techniques directed toward professional embalmers. Reconstructive specialist Tallon will explain specific techniques to assist an embalmer who faces the challenge of reconstructing massive, crushing head injury cases. As a Fountain National Academy European representative, Tallon supports the tenet that surgery performed on the traumatized deceased allows for open-casket viewing, which has immeasurable value for families. (1 CE hour)

12:30 – 2 p.m. Conversation Cafés

Conversation Café: Practical Tips for Implementation of the FAMIC Public Education Campaign
Rob Rosenberg, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, Arlington Heights, Illinois

This interactive presentation will highlight the new Funeral and Memorial Information Council's public education campaign tactics and demonstrate how funeral homes interested in educating and inspiring consumers can participate in the national campaign. Practical tips for implementing this exciting brand strategy focused on the value and importance of the funeral and memorialization in your community will be discussed. Implementation tools, including an online video, consumer materials and social media strategies, will be reviewed. (Up to 1.5 CE hours)

Conversation Café: The State of Preneed Laws and Regulations
T. Scott Gilligan, Gilligan Law Offices, Cincinnati, Ohio

States have improved consumer protection in preneed laws, but there are steps that still need to be taken. Find out where your state stands as Gilligan explores examples of how funeral homes can protect themselves and the consumers they serve with comprehensive but easy-to-read preneed contract provisions. This is an opportunity to learn about the interplay of Medicaid eligibility and preneed funeral and burial exclusions provided under federal and state law in an interactive setting. (Up to 1.5 CE hours)