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Workshops - Monday, October 21

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Austin. Handouts are available here.

7:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Mandate for the Future of Funeral Service: A Model for Integrating the Why of Funerals Into the Arrangement
Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Center for Life and Loss Transition, Fort Collins, Colorado

This new workshop outlines an innovative model that allows you to teach the value of the elements of a meaningful funeral. As more and more people lack an understanding of the why of funerals, you must embrace your role as a "gatekeeper of ceremony." This new model is practical and easy to understand and implement into the arrangement conference. Learn how to create consistency in introducing each family you serve to a value-enhancing experience of information, education and choices. Wolfelt will explain the significance of comprehensive staff training surrounding the individual elements of ceremony. This model also serves as a practical bridge to help you teach the significance of the why of funerals and encourage families to better understand the value of using your services. (2 CE hours)

Winning More Calls – With Google!
Robin Heppell, CFSP, FuneralFuturist.com, Victoria, British Columbia

More and more people turn to Google to research every type of business, including funeral homes, so it's imperative that you know how to leverage Google's power. Google's rise in influence has also brought out opportunists who want to get between you and potential client families. If you don't want to be taken advantage of by SEO (search engine optimization) companies, online services and Yellow Pages reps, Heppell will show you how to strengthen your Web presence, optimize Google to focus on "first call" searches and get maximum exposure for your firm through messaging and memorial tribute videos. (2 CE hours)

Boosting Profits Through the Power of Possibility Thinking
Debra Schmidt, The Loyalty Leader, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Possibility thinkers know how to present a confident image that supports the goals of the organization and its customers. They welcome challenging problems and can solve them creatively. Learn six new ways to embrace the benefits of change, how to use "I" language to confirm understanding, eight ways to turn complaints into solutions, seven steps to solution-oriented meetings and five ways to create an entire team of possibility thinkers. Schmidt will equip you with the tools to build solution-oriented teams and higher customer satisfaction and referral business. (2 CE hours)

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Insights and Tactics to Increase Your 2014 Market Share
Lynn Elliott, CRME, Media Demographics, Palm Springs, California

Learn how to adjust your marketing budget to be more effective and competitive. Elliott will preview upcoming trends for Internet marketing in 2014, sharing low-cost solutions to meet trends in mobile marketing to help you capture more market share. Learn about all of the free features of Google and how to make small changes to your website that will greatly increase your search engine placement. Elliott will also share ways to negotiate the best rates on print, television and radio. Walk away with remarkable insights and tactics you can put to use immediately. (1 CE hour)

The Value of Visualization: A New Approach to Developing Enhanced Embalming Skills
Karl Wenzel, CFSP, The Dodge Company, Ontario

Learn the value of visualizing the decedent to develop enhanced embalming skills. Wenzel will share some of the most modern technical skills required for today's embalmers. Severe cases will be presented through video and photographs. Wenzel will open your mind to a whole new skill set you can effectively use in the preparation room and ways to respond to families' difficult questions about viewing. (1 CE hour)